Drone Hangar

Have you ever wondered who is going to be waiting 24/7 in a remote location for the sporadic emergency call to start a drone? Good news is: no one has to anymore, as the ground carriage has a new home!

In 2023, mb+Partner worked with their partners to plan, design and build a drone hangar which serves as the basis for a mobile runway, thereby enabling fully automated remote operation of fixed-wing drones. Remote control (opening the hangar gate, acceleration of the ground carriage and take-off of the UAV) at the push of a button leads to extremely short response times.

Communication with the command center is realised via 5G, enabling live video feeds and control of hangar, ground carriage and drones. Outside cameras ensure no unauthorized person is in the vicinity of the hangar, cameras on the inside allow remote pre-flight checks. A weather station on the roof records and sends live weather data to check operating conditions.

Applications that are possible with this setup include emergency response to search for drowning swimmers, getting quick visuals for fire and police departments as well as persistent surveillance in case of wildfires or border control.

First technology demonstrator

As part of the 5G-Telk-NF research project, the first functioning technology demonstrator of a drone hangar for fixed-wing drones was put into operation, as shown in the video.