Benefits for your application

Mobile runway

Mobile and infrastructure-independent runways, e.g. drone ports for cargo drones, non-permanent logistics for disaster relief and crisis operations as well as access to hard-to-reach locations (islands, plateaus, etc.). Little to no impact on natural habitats means more freedom in choosing deployment sites.

Unlock automation

Full flight automation of highly efficient fixed-wing air vehicles. No need for staff at launch site means low cost as one operator or remote pilot is sufficient for several sites. Fast rensponse times lead to new market areas for fixed-wing aircraft.

Increase performance

Increased fixed-wing air vehicle performance. No need for landing gear directly reduces weight - even more when resizíng the air vehicle. Less weight is equivalent to more payload or longer endurance.

Low A/C requirements

Low operating requirements for the aircraft due to less mechanical stress on the airframe during take-off and high landing safety due to maintaining crab angle until touchdown. Assisted take-off and landing reduces power requirements for take-off and removes the demand for reversing thrust.

Use cases

Perfect technology for persistent surveillance, linear long / area large tasks and fast response capability. Examples are automated detection and fighting of forest fires, operations of authorities and organizations with security tasks, monitoring of network infrastructures, solar-powered electric aircraft, HAPS, in general for large wingspan aircraft.