Benefits for your application

Mobile runway

Mobile and infrastructure-independent runways, e.g. drone ports for cargo drones, non-permanent logistics for disaster relief and crisis operations as well as access to hard-to-reach locations (islands, plateaus, etc.). Little to no impact on natural habitats means more freedom in choosing deployment sites.

Unlock automation

Full flight automation of highly efficient fixed-wing air vehicles. No need for staff at launch site means low cost as one operator or remote pilot is sufficient for several sites. Fast rensponse times lead to new market areas for fixed-wing aircraft.

Increase performance

Increased fixed-wing air vehicle performance. No need for landing gear directly reduces weight - even more when resizíng the air vehicle. Less weight is equivalent to more payload or longer endurance.

Low A/C requirements

Low operating requirements for the aircraft due to less mechanical stress on the airframe during take-off and high landing safety due to maintaining crab angle until touchdown. Assisted take-off and landing reduces power requirements for take-off and removes the demand for reversing thrust.

Use cases

Perfect technology for persistent surveillance, linear long / area large tasks and fast response capability. Examples are automated detection and fighting of forest fires, operations of authorities and organizations with security tasks, monitoring of network infrastructures, solar-powered electric aircraft, HAPS, in general for large wingspan aircraft.


09.06.2024: Exhibitor at ILA - what a week!

We started on Monday by loading the ElektRail system and accessories in our trailer, then traveled to Berlin to set up our exhibition stand on Tuesday - and were ready for ILA Berlin - Pioneering Aerospace. From Wednesday to Friday, our days were filled with visits from industry experts and potential clients.

We had the honor of receiving State Secretary Andreas Rieckhof from the Hamburg Ministry of Economics and Innovation (BWI) together with Andreas Richter and Uwe Kleber on Thursday. In the evening, we attended the North German ILA-Evening Reception, organised by WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH. Next to historical planes, we were able to chat with industry experts, e.g. from Leichtwerk AG, about the future of aviation.

Friday, a new generation of aviation enthusiasts visited us thanks to the Hamburg Aviation Young Professionals network, Ralf Gust and Jette Koch.

On the weekend, the general public showed up for the sold-out ILA. So many people came by to ask about our system and UAVs - we were completely overwhelmed.

It was nice to show the results of the recently completed ElektRail project together with Elektra Solar GmbH and Nordwig Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.KG. We had a good time thanks to Konstantin Kondak, Uwe Hartmann, Calin Gologan and Karsten Hoops. The H2finity UAV was also on display - thank you for stopping by to talk about next steps, Teccon Consulting and Engineering GmbH and ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research.

Last but not least, we were grateful for the opportunity to be included in the Chalet East of the Northern German states, Niedersachsen Aviation and bavAIRia e.V.